A platform for sustainability

Kotoo gives you the information you need to manage your footprint by tracking it over time.


All Kotoo subscriptions include our automated emissions tracker to give you the information you need to manage your impact.
We track the carbon footprint of everything from your coffee shop to the furniture you buy. Then Kotoo recommends changes based on your life from eco-habits to companies taking meaningful action.
50 account categories pie chart
50+ Categories
Kotoo converts emissions data in 100s of
categories into ~50 worth tracking
comparison of monthly emissions
Monthly Changes
Compare your emissions
from month-to-month.
advice to reduce
Discover high-impact, low-effort ways
to reduce your carbon emissions.
Set-up once in < 1 minute and get automated reports on your progress


Anything you want to know
Kotoo is here to answer any questions you have on sustainability. Our knowledge center contains blog articles on sustainability so you can always have the facts. If you can't find an answer, ask a question in our Forums and we'll write an article just for you!