Our Story

How we got started
We're not your typical environmentalists. We're rocket nerds that wanted to put some of our spare resources to solving the climate problem on a meaningful scale while pursuing our decidedly non-eco passions. As a result, we believe doing your part for the planet shouldn’t take a lot of time or money.

But after months of searching we couldn't find anything compelling already built. So we gave up the rockets and put our passion for data, economics, and building things to work for climate. The result is Kotoo, a data-centric platform to manage your carbon footprint with either time, effort, or money. Welcome!
A journey to carbon neutrality
In 2019, we decided we wanted to try and lower our impact on the planet. With the goal of at least becoming carbon neutral to move from part of the climate problem to part of the solution.

We didn't know what our footprint was or where to start but we figured the internet had some answers. You probably know what we found - a lot of generic advice about driving and flying less, eating less meat, planting some trees, and recycling.

Some of us bought an e-bike for our 15 mile rainy commutes, others bought sustainable floss. But over a few months of more learning we realized we still had a large footprint despite all the effort. And we still didn't have a reasonable solution to buying and flying.

We were still left with more questions than answers: what has the most impact? How can I track changes to my footprint? And what about all the people that won't take those steps? How do we solve the climate problem at the core? How do we convince an entrenched fossil fuel industry to give up their cash cow and convert to the business of renewable energy?
We boiled it down to three problems
  • There weren't any tools that made knowing and tracking your footprint automated and easy. It's either very inaccurate, or inconvenient, or both!
  • People could lower their footprint about 30% by replacing cars and diets but climate change requires us to get to 50-70% over the next 10 years and 100% in the next 30 years.
  • Fossil fuels are directly responsible for 60% of an American's carbon footprint.
A new way to counter carbon emissions
After months of searching, we found a way to invest in efficiency and renewable energy at the expense of fossil fuel power plants. Solving the problem while funding the solution all at once!

This proved the missing link and with that we quit our jobs to build an all-in-one solution.

So we present Kotoo - and it's meant to be the only place you need to go if you want to push for a balanced planet. Live your life while putting the resources you have (whether it's time, effort, or money) to solving climate while supporting companies that do the same. Come on in, we're ready to help you reduce your footprint!
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